For any industry and any individual problem involving mixing, dispersing and dosing, FLUKO can work out a solution for you that is exactly right for the task.

Flexibel mobile stirrer for production industry

In this example, a manufacturer of fibres was looking for a solution for the production of different and mostly highly viscous resins. Typically with resin systems, the question of emptying the mixed product always poses a problem. The solution was a flexibel mobile stirrer with a powerful stirrer drive, large diameter helical-section stirrer and a drum lift with manual tipping device. As with all of our machines, we don’t compromise on user safety and ergonomics. For ease of cleaning of the stirrer shaft, not an uncommon problem with highly viscous products, the entire shaft and stirring device are produced with polished surfaces and can be detached from the stirrer using a quick-change coupling.

Ther stirrer is pictured above in the stirring position. The drive is speed controlled via a frequency inverter and cooled seperately for operation at very low speeds.
The drum is shown above in the emptying position: Stirrer shaft removed, drum raised and manually tipped forward.