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Dispersing machine MS

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Stirrer design

The MS dispersing machine is a high shear rotor-stator disperser primarily designed for tank mounting where energy intensive mixing in batch operation is required. The stirrer shaft is mounted directly on the drive shaft of the electric motor, which ensures a minimal weight and a compact configuration. The stator is mounted on a cage which can be attached directly to the motor or a mounting flange. Specially configured machines are available for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres, according to European ATEX standards.


3 phase motors are available for numerous voltages, frequencies and tolerances. The motors are IP55 in standard configuration. Machines are available with 3000, 1500 and 1000 rpm at 50 Hz. Continuous speed controlis also available with frequency inverters. All machines are designed for continuous industrial application.

Machine mounting, shaft seals

For non-pressurised tanks, the dispersing machine can be mounted using the stator cage flange or a mounting flange. For pressurised or vaccuum processes, special seal flanges and seal housings are available tailored to the specific applications. The machine configurations are highly adapdable for a wide range of operating conditions. Rotary lip seals or mechanical seals are chosen to best suit the individual customer needs. The MS dispersing machine is available in top, side or bottom-mounted variants.

Mixing head

The rotor-stator mixing assembly are supported solely on the mounting flange. This means that in the top-mounted configuration, there are no seals or bearings in contact with product. This is especially advantageous with sensitive or abrasive products as the risk of product contamination can be minimised.


The stirrer shaft, the mixing head and the stator cage are all produced in stainless steel 1.4571 (SS316Ti). Other weldable materials are availablel on request.


Suction or feed pipes, mounting flanges, seal monitoring systems, lifting stands, complete tanks.


Dispersing machine MS