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Dispersing machine DMS

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Machine Design

The stirring shaft of the FLUKO DMS is directly coupled to or integrated in the motor shaft. This gives the machine a very compact form. Normally, a seal housing connects the motor to the mixing section.


FLUKO Dispersing machines are equipped with standard 3 phase motors, in IP 55 and speeds from 1000 to 3600 r.p.m. depending on the frequency. Machines for explosion proof areas compliant with ATEX standards are also available. The DMS can also be equipped with polechanging motors, stator rotor geared motors or frequency converters for a continuous speed control and variation.


The DMS can be mounted with the stirrer shaft verticle or horizontal. When mounted vertically, the drive can be placed above or below the mixing chamber. The flow direction of the products can be selected. The DMS is mouted either on a base frame or into an existing plant via the motor mounting. Depending on the application, the stirrer shaft can be sealed with lip seals, stuffing box seals or mechanical seals. The seals can be equipped with complete or partial cooling or pressure quench systems.


All product contacting parts are made of high quality 1.4571 stainless steel (SS316Ti). For hygenic applications the internal surfaces can be electrolitically polished.

Mixing section

The rotor-stator system is available with differing pumping and mixing capacities. The capacities are reached with variation of the rotor width, the speed and the number of rotor/stator sets which make up the mixing chamber units. Further variation of the capacity is possible by throttling the output, which at the same time increases the recirculation and the dispersing effect within the machine. The machines are available with up to 3 sequential chambers. The mixing housing is available with a heating/cooling jacket. The DMS requires a continuous product feed, and is not self priming. The inlet and outlet can be equipped with most standard connection systems, eg. threaded unions, flanges or clamps.
  • The machine can also be configured with additional inlets for direct dosage of component products.
  • The rotor-stator system itself can operate without product.
  • The shaft sealing system can be configured for operating pressures of up to 16 bars.
  • The standard operating temperature extends to 120°C. Special versions are available to 300°C


Dispersing machine DMS