FLUKO offers solutions from single machines to individually engineered turn-key installations for a wide range of applications and industries.

Stirrer stands as modular system

FLUKO stand stirrers are an economical and efficient solution for the batch production of liquid products. Thanks to the extreme adaptability of the tried and tested technical components, we can produce stand stirrers to fit individual production conditions and customer expectations. Our technical solutions place special focus on operator safety and ease of use. Our extensive experience and our dedication to provide the best product on the market ensure that our customers do not have to compromise on usability or function.

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Modular system

The adaptability of the stands is achieved through the combination of different lifting designs with base configurations and 3 size variants. This system also provides in the following advantages for customers: 
  • Easily understood offers in the tendering phase with all the necessary components; - the best way to plan investments accurately 
  • Established and widely accepted technical solutions with large acceptance by operators and supervisory authorities.
  • Fast and flexible planning and delivery lead times.

Ergonomics and operator safety

Because of the “hands on” nature of batch production, stand stirrers can present substantial occupational health and safety risks and are subject to strict legislative regulation. Our stand stirrers are designed and built conform to the European Machine Directive 2006/42/EC. They fulfill the European standards for operator safety and provide the best possible protection for the operator. To help with your workplace hazard assessment, we are happy to provide our customers with our machine risk analysis. The operating principle for the lifting system is chosen according to ergonomic considerations. The safety features ensure continuous use with maximum protection for operators while maintaining ease of use. The electrical controls provide the necessary safety architecture according to the latest EN ISO13849 requirements. All stand stirrers can be delivered for use in hazardous potentially explosive industrial areas. We have been manufacturing stand stirrers according to ATEX (94/9/EC) since 2003 for Zones 1 and 2 as well as 20 and 22 and up to Zone 0 inside the stirring vessel. Basically, the stand stirrer must be designed so that the dangers posed by the turning stirrer shaft and propeller are minimized. This is achieved with the following safety features:

Height monitoring

The automatic interruption of the stirrer drive when the stirrer is lifted prevents operation with exposed shaft and propeller.

Tank cover / shaft sleeve

The working areas of shaft and propeller are separated. If various tanks with differing heights are to be used, the flexible guided shaft covers provide maximum protection with flexibility of use. Several forms of static shaft covers are also available.

Tank-securing device

The securing device at once holds the stirring tank securely in position and provides the controls with the confirmation that the tank is in place. The stirrer cannot be operated without the tank. There are two basic types of securing device: The BAZ uses a belt and ratchet to secure the tank, the BASS uses two arms and a manual spindle to hold the tank in place.


The 3 types of all-stainless steel stand stirrer all consist of a bearing-mounted sled which moves on a square lifting column and can be halted at any height on the column. The stirrer is mounted on the front of the lifting sled. The lifting column is mounted in 3 different variants either directly on a wall, on the floor or on a mobile chassis. The stands are classified according to stirrer weight in 3 sizes 80, 100 and 120.

Floor stand

Where no suitable walls are available or to provide more flexible placement, free standing floor stands can be used. The floor stand are mounted on a H- shaped base with adjustable rubber feet. As alternative, floor-mounting plates can be provided so that the stand can be bolted to the floor.

Mobile stand

The mobile stand stirrers are the most flexible solution. The stand stirrer itself can be transported to the tank. The control components are mounted directly on the stand base. The stand base is H- shaped and the front forks are designed to be easily positioned under low tanks or palettes. At the rear of the base conductive swiveling wheels with stop function provide the maneuverability to move the stand easily throughout the working environment.

Wall-mounted stand

Wall-mounted stand stirrers are typical static working places, where the tank is transported to the stand for stirring. The floor area under the stand remains accessible for cleaning etc. Usually the control and operating components are mounted on walls next to the stirrer. The stand is mounted onto the wall via 2 braces with mounting consoles. Variants with ceiling or floor mounting consoles can also be provided. The suitability of the wall must be confirmed by the customer.

Counterweight lifting

The basic lifting system for FLUKO stand stirrers uses a counterweight. Most of the lighter stirrers can be easily operated with this lifting system. The counterweight is mounted inside the lifting column and is connected to the stirrer sled via two stainless steel wires. The stirrer is raised or lowered manually and can be locked at any height. The manual lifting bar can be located either at the front or the rear of the stand. Larger, heavier stirrers are lifted with electric spindle or pneumatic cylinders.

Pneumatic lifting

The pneumatic lifting system is chiefly composed of a specially made double acting cylinder with damping at the end positions. The cylinders are designed with safety features to prevent sudden dropping, even with the air being cut off. The maximum stirrer weight is 300 kg. The controls for the cylinder can be supplied as pneumatic or pneumatic/electric.

Electric spindle lifting system

The spindle lifting system consists of an electric drive and closed trapezoid spindle running inside a clean profile pipe. The electric spindle is usually used for heavier stirrers with a maximum weight of 300 kg. The electric controls are normally integrated into our stirrer control box.

Design coordination

Because many of the dimensions of the stand stirrers that we design have a profound effect on the mounting situation and usability at the customers facility later, we produce approval drawings of the stand stirrer in easily understood 3D format so that customer approval can be obtained before production. Stands can be mounted by customers on site or by our technicians according to our installation and site mounting conditions. We offer safety training and/or help with commissioning on site as well as factory acceptance test before delivery. Please contact us for a competitive offer.


Stirrer stands as modular system
Example above: mobile stand stirrer with quick- change shaft coupling, flexible shaft cover and BASS spindle tank securing device
Stirrer stands as modular system
Example above: Bespoke laboratory scale stand stirrer in pharmaceutical standard
Stirrer stands as modular system
Example above: mobile stand stirrer with BAZ belt tank securing device and flexible shaft/tank cover
Stirrer stands as modular system
Detail view of a flexible tank cover
Stirrer stands as modular system
Stirrer stands as modular system
Example above: An approval drawing and the final mounted stand stirrer on site