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Clamp for small containers

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3 models of table stands are available for FLUKO laboratory stirrers and dispersing machines. They each consist of an H-formed base instainless steel with 4 rubber feet for stability and a lifting column based on one of the following functional principles.


The HTF table stand with integrated plastic gliding guide in the square section pipe. The counter balance of the motor is carried out by a pneumatic damper. A steel clamping screw fixes the stirrer in place.


The HTE table stand with a linear electric drive is fitted with a 220 V motor and an integrated limit switch.


The HTG table stand compensates the stirrer weight with a counter weight mounted inside the column. The lifting height of the stand is variable. The stirrer is fixed into position with a clamping screw.

Container clamps

Container clamps are necessary to hold the container securely in position. This protects the stirrer from making contact with the container walls when the stirring forces cause the container to move. It can also be fitted with a monitoring system for the operator's safety. Three types of container clamp are available, depending on the motor power and the medium being used:

RH holding strap clamp

The RH holding strap clamp consists of a elastic strap and a clamp, for containers with diameters from 40 mm to 300 mm.

BAR clamp

The BAR clamp has two manually adjustable aluminium jaws, each with two rubber stoppers; for containers with 100 mm to 300 mm diameters.

BASP container clamp

The BASP container clamp is for containers with 100 mm to 300 mm diameters. It comprises a container jaw which can be clamped into place and a jaw which is adjusted via a spindle. The BASP clamp can be supplied with a safety switch for container monitoring.


Clamp for small containers