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Compact stirrer FGM

For very rough operating conditions or high viscosity in very large containers, compact stirrers of type FGM are used.

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Stirrer design

FLUKO FGM stirrers are designed for applications where long stirrer shafts or large stirring devices would cause axial forces which require a robust shaft mounting. The extremely stable mounting in parallel geared motors is used as the direct shaft bearing. The stirrer shaft is mounted directly in the hollow shaft of the parallel shaft gear motor. Flange mounted stirrers are available for the direct mouting on containers or tanks. Stirrers with long shafts are available with a seperate bearing mouting.


The parallel geared motor bearings are selected to suit the application. The 3 phase motors have the standard protection type IP55. Motors are available in flame proof versions. The gear speeds are available up to 260 r.p.m.

Stirrer shafts

The stirrer shaft is solid and configured for continuous operation. The shaft is also available with flange or quick change couplings. The shafts are tested for eccentricity in our workshop before delivery.

Stirring devices

The FGM stirrer is available equipped with the following stirring devices: propeller, flat blade turbines, paddle agitators, anchor paddles and trapezoidal turbines. The devices are attached to the shaft directly with a threaded pin or with a hub coupling.


The stirrer shaft and the stirring devices are normally delivered in 1.4571 stainless steel (AISI 316Ti); also available is non-alloyed steel with hard rubber, PE or PVDF coating.

Stirrer mountings and shaft seals

FLUKO FGM stirrers can be delivered with flange for direct mounting. The stirrer can be equipped with seals, either integrated in the mounting flange or mounted in a seperate seal housing beneath the gear casing.


Compact stirrer FGM