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Compact stirrer SGM

If the space above the container is restricted, compact stirrers of type SGM with angular-gear motor are used.

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Stirrer design

The stirrer shaft is detachably mounted directly on the drive. Available as flange mounted or as attachable stirrer in combination with a stirrer clamp, drum or container clamp or for static or mobile stands.


3-phase motors with IP 54 protection or explosion protection. Permanently lubricated bearing according to the application. Speed range: 3000, 1500, 1000, 750 r.p.m. Pole changing motors available. 3-phase motors up to 1.1 kW.

Stirrer shafts

The stirrer shaft is dimensioned for continuous operation and as standard are connected to the drive with a thimble coupling. Flange and rapid change couplings are also available. Every shaft is checked for true running in the factory. A large distance to the natural oscilation frequency of the shaft is ensured.

Stirring devices

The following stirring device is available as standard: 3 blade propeller. Alternative: plate agitators, diagonal flat blade agitators and trapezoidal turbines with threaded hole hubs or clamp hubs. For continuous operation during filling and emptying stabilising rings are available.


The mixer shafts and mixer elements are all made of stainless steel (316Ti) or unalloyed steel with PE-, hard rubber or PVDF-coating.

Stirrer mountings and shaft seals

FLUKO SGM compact stirrer as standard version for use with open or closed nonpressurised containers. The stirrer is attached to a mounting via the motor flange. A footed version is also available. A special seal housing is available for pressurised or vacuum applications with rotary shaft seals, stuffing boxes or floating ring seals. An additional shaft mounting is available for shafts longerthan 1800 mm.


Compact stirrer SGM