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Drum stirrer PMLF

Drum stirrers are used whenever fluids need to be mixed directly in drums. The FLUKO drum stirrers are attached to the 2” bung hole on the drum via a compatible threaded connection and configured for the optimal homogenisation of the drum contents.

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Technical data

FLUKO drum stirrers are the economical solution for stirring fluids in transport drums. They are commonly used to prevent sedimentation during storage or for homogenisation before use in production. The simple use and the robust construction make FLUKO drum stirrers suitable for most applications with fluids in drums.


  • Air driven motor with bearing mounted stirrer shaft.
  • 2” direct connection for the drum.
  • 2 integrated handles for quick mounting without tools.
The stirrer is fitted with folding propellers.
The stirring shaft and the propellers are made of 1.4571 (SS316Ti) stainless steel.


Maintenance unit with filter, regulator and oiler.


Drum stirrer PMLF